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Mateo Hamann was born in New York in 1997. In 2009, he moved to Frankfurt, Germany. After his arrival, he explored the city and immediately got inspired by the skyscrapers. He started to take architecture photos of Frankfurt and two years later he had his first exhibition which was followed by exhibitions in galleries, a museum, and a university. His first collaboration was with CAPCO, a management consulting company who wanted to create a photo calendar for the year of 2014 with his photographs. In 2015, he was hired to work with a team to create two promotional films for Gräflicher Park Grand Resort and Bilster Berg Drive Resort. His next project was with Oceans & Company, an Asset Management and Investment Advisory firm who wanted to publish a photography book with his photos of the skyscrapers in Frankfurt. From 2016-2017 Mateo Hamann worked closely with Radisson Blu to produce and place 740 original artworks in a brand new hotel in Mannheim, Germany.


Frankfurt Book

Frankfurt’s skyscrapers have been photographed millions of times. We think we know each and every building from every perspective. Then along comes a young man and shows us the towers in a completely different light from everyone else. Mateo Hamann immerses the towers in the magical light of the twilight hour and, at the same time, dissects the skyline with his keen eye for perspective, detail, structure and proportion. Both affinity and analysis come together in the eyes of this photographer to give the beholder a brand new picture of a historic city.